The creation of an environment for the project "The Forester". Part 3.


In this video - I show the process of creating one of the islets that the forester owns.

This time I show the advantage of using proxy and bypassing their incompatibility with ForestPack.

I created the leaves for the tree  with a different method.

I made a plasticine concept in 3dCoat - it's so much easier for me to understand the idea than to draw it.

With the render settings again, I did not bother much. To be honest - I do not like all these test renders and the search for the ideal number of samples to increase the speed. Personally for me, there is not much sense in this, because the PC is powerful enough to render the result quickly.

Thanks to the Forender farm, I rendered this picture for 30 minutes in 1920 * 2168 resolution on one GeForce 1080.

By the way, recently we were introduced by new servers with 3 1080 and 1080i. So I think I'll record a separate video with a 3-server test and the benchmark Redshift.

Also, in the video, I showed the ability to draw ready-made trees, after you make a workpiece using SpeedTree.

I wish you pleasant viewing.

In the comments write any feedback, questions, topics of lessons you would like to see the new releases etc etc
Content of the video:
00:00 - 00:30 - Intro
00:30 - 03:44 - Modeling the island and tree concept using 3d-Coat in the Voxel room.
03:44 - 04:23 - Using lod and converting the highpoly asset into the Redshift Proxy. Link to the proxy.
04:23 - 06:27 - Importing a sketch in 3dsmax, adjusting the scale and adding the asset to the sketch. Align the sketch on the Asset in 3d-Coat. Auto-retopology and auto-scan of the island. Finalization of the scan using UV-Path.
06:27 - 07:31 - Creating the geometry of the island in World Creator 2. Creating a special mask for mixing grass and sand.
07:31 - 08:40 - Import of simplified islet geometry in 3dsmax and aligning it with the concept in 3d-Coat
08:45 - 09:36 - Creating an erosion map, exporting the displacement, normal maps and masks for the blending from World Creator 2.
09:36 - 13:02 - Using Megascans to create earth and sand. Adding Redshift Sun & Sky. Use a mask from World Creator 2 to mix two materials. Applying the texture of a stone from Megascans. Displacement setting.
13:02 - 15:44 - Creating the material of the lake. Export grass from Megascans and scattering it with ForestPack.
15:44 - 19:42 - Export of fern from Megascans. Create a moss on the stone with the help of ForestPack. Create a fern geometry in 3d-Coat and distribute it over the surface of the island using ForestPack.
19:42 - 31:30 - Creating a tree in SpeedTree. Export of leaves from Megascans. Creation and optimization of geometry. Use the Asset Sheet in SpeedTree. Loading bark from Poliigon and applying it to SpeedTree.
31:30 - 32:42 - Exporting parts of a tree in two ways. Customization and rendering on
32:42 - 33:47 - The ending. Video preview of other lessons. A subscription button, as well as a button for support on Patreon.
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Pleasant viewing!
Sincerely, Andrew krivulya aka Charly.


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