March of Robots




От автора челленджа

Every year in the month of March, a thunderous cadence can be heard rolling across the land. Artists around the world celebrate their love of all things robotic during MARCH of ROBOTS!

The goal is to draw a new robot illustration each day for 31 days. If you feel you’re up to the full 31 day challenge, awesome! If not no worries. You don’t have to do a drawing every day. Just set yourself a goal and stick with it.

I started this community drawing challenge mainly to improve my drawing skills and to explore my vision of the future where robots are part of our everyday life.

So! Open those sketchbooks, sharpen those pencils, boot up those digital drawing tools the ROBOTS are coming!!!

The 3 Laws of Robotic Fun:

1. Drawings can be digital or analogue, but it must be drawn by you and it has to be a robot or depict a scene featuring a robot.

2. Hashtag your drawings with #marchofrobots and #marchofrobots2019 then post it to Instagram and any other social spot you like. Twitter, tumblr, etc.

3. Have fun with it!