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  • Environment training - Poncho
  • Django-zombie!! - Poncho
  • Training. graphics for games - Poncho
  • Training. graphics for games 2 - Poncho
  • Retro - Poncho
  • combo amp concept - Poncho
  • toaster concept - Poncho
  • Bot assistant - Poncho
  • ship at the pier - Poncho
  • Sci-fi environment - Poncho
  • Environment concept. Steps - Poncho
  • Box concept - Poncho
  • Sci-fi environment concept art - Poncho
  • Si-fi Character concept art - Poncho
  • Lantern - Poncho

architect \ beginner artist

Bot assistant

For the ConceptartistRPG Competition.

Fighting robot - a companion, endowed with intelligence and will - what gave him the last owner and creator - genius with altruistic views. He was inherited by a pupil of genius master and now they travel across the universe together in search of important historical artifacts. He's good in cases when courtesy and tact the current owner leads they to a deadlock)

Basic functions - solving complex computational tasks associated with the flight, combat function (support), he is well-adapted social and endowed with artificial intelligence, so also he is a pleasant companion.

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